Fungi is fashionable—but is the mushroom boom ethical?

Growing Mushrooms

Have you noticed an unusual number of mushroom ads on Instagram? It’s not your imagination: the global functional (non-psychedelic) mushroom market is projected to make $69.3 billion by the end of 2024. That’s the crux of Emma Orlow’s recent article in Taste, which explores the recent mushroom boom. In the article, Orlow mentions companies like North Spore and Nearby Naturals, […]

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Rainbo Spirit Bear Chaga & Turkey Tail Extract | HYPEBAE

Wellness Brand Rainbo Introduces New Supplements Made With Chaga and Turkey Tail Mushrooms Sustainable goods that can help aid digestion and immunity. Wellness label Rainbo has now introduced two new mushroom-infused items to its lineup of functional and sustainable supplements. This time around, the products are filled with Chaga powder and Turkey Tail. The former is made using ingredients hand-harvested […]

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Reishi Mushroom: 6 Health benefits of THIS fungus and its side effects | PINKVILLA

Reishi Mushroom: 6 Health benefits of THIS fungus and its side effects Reishi mushroom is a type of fungus that comes with many health benefits. From reducing heart diseases to fighting colorectal cancer, reishi mushrooms can promote overall wellbeing to us. So, here are the health benefits and side effects of this fungus. Reishi Mushroom: 6 Health benefits of THIS […]

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Why Kratom Capsules are Becoming Popular –

American Fork, Utah, United States, March 3 2021 (Wiredrelease) Tork Media LLC –:Kratom is an herb that has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries. Traditionally used as medicine in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, kratom has become a popular medicinal and recreational botanical in the U.S. Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is indigenous to several Southeast Asian countries […]

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Medical cannabis telemedicine platform NuggMD debuts Connecticut services


Home Fairfield Medical cannabis telemedicine platform NuggMD debuts Connecticut services Medical cannabis telemedicine platform NuggMD debuts Connecticut services NuggMD, a medical cannabis telemedicine platform, is launching its services in Connecticut. Gov. Ned Lamont’s Executive Order 7L from March 2020 enables state residents to receive their medical marijuana evaluation via telemedicine for the duration of the Covid-19 emergency. NuggMD’s physicians are […]

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A Top Cannabis Executive Says This Is When U.S. Marijuana Companies Will Likely Trade on Major Exchanges | The Motley Fool

If you want to invest in a multistate cannabis operator, the only way you can do so is by going outside of the major exchanges, where listing rules allow them to trade. Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level in the U.S., which prevents companies like Curaleaf Holdings (OTC:CURLF) and Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNNF) from listing on either the New York Stock […]

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Mushrooms are set to take over your wellness routines—here’s why | Vogue India

Daily Mushroom Routine

While adaptogens have become a mainstay in the wellness spotlight, it is predicted that psychedelics could soon be joining the list as well. The heightened scholarly interest and research are underscored by measures for legalisation, which means that you could soon find them in everything from your tea to supplements. How to include mushrooms in your routine If you’ve been […]

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Chaga Mushroom Market Key Futuristic Top Trends and Competitive Landscape by 2028 – NeighborWebSJ

Chaga Mushrooms

.entry-header Chaga Mushroom Market – Introduction Strong consumer sentiments for health drinks and increasing popularity of functional food and beverage products are driving the demand for healthful products such as chaga mushroom. Consumption of chaga mushroom or Inonotus obliquus is increasing in the food and beverage ingredients landscape owing to the health benefits provided by chaga mushrooms. Also, chaga mushroom […]

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Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Market to Witness Widespread Expansion During 2021-2030 – SoccerNurds

Lions Mane Mushroom

The latest published an effective statistical data titled as Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Market. It defines about the recent innovations, applications and end-users of the market. It covers the different aspects, which are responsible for the growth of the industries. Different domains are considered on the basis of the capital of Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Market. The analyst examines different […]

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