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Have you ever wondered how your favorite kratom strain became that color or how the colors come about in the first place? Weather you are new to kratom or you are an experienced user you will soon find out that you will have a favorite color. Most Kratom vendors will have a list of products that are categorized by color and than the strain. You do need to know that there are only 3 true kratom strain colors. These are White, Green and Red. These strains get there colors by different drying techniques and properties. Other than the color the strain name will have the location of where the Kratom Tree grew. Most of the time they are from Thailand or Thai, Malaysia or Malay, Borneo and Bali. They grow naturally in the South Pacific. You may also see vendors who make Blends or Fusions, At the end of the day there are only 3 strain colors.

How do these strains get their colors?

Kratom strain colors are manipulated by man and are mostly done by the drying process. Meaning, That Green Borneo strain that you love so much did not start out as a green vein plant. It was most likely a Red Vein and was turned into a green strain with the drying process.

Green Vein Kratom Leaves – Typically Green Vein Kratom is dried in an air conditioned room with little to no light. When they are nearly completely dry they are moved outside for an hour or so to complete the drying process.

White Vein Kratom Leaves – White strains are dried completely inside with NO light at all. In the absolute dark. They are also dried for a longer duration than the green strain leaves.

Red Vein Kratom Leaves – Red veins happen through a powderful process of Sunlight or grow lights and even through a fermentation process.Red vein leaves are made by drying the leaf in direct sunlight outside or with a powerful UV lamp.

Yellow or Gold Vein Kratom – Yellow or Gold vein kratom leaves come from a blend or a mix of different vein colors. When the supplier or vendor mix the kratom strains it is possible to find a golden powder. So Yellow vein is not a natural kratom vein color but is a blend or fusion of kratom stains.

In Conclusion.

The originating vein color does not mean to much. It comes down to the farmer and there techniques of drying the kratom leaf. It’s as simple as that.

Source: Kratom Colors and the Drying Process – Golden Road Botanicals