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Daily Mushroom Routine

While adaptogens have become a mainstay in the wellness spotlight, it is predicted that psychedelics could soon be joining the list as well. The heightened scholarly interest and research are underscored by measures for legalisation, which means that you could soon find them in everything from your tea to supplements.

How to include mushrooms in your routine

If you’ve been looking to invite mushrooms into your life, your options are many and varied—from stirring them into your morning coffee to brewing a therapeutic tea. Chantal’s lineup offers a diverse array to choose from, including vanilla-flavoured protein powders and skincare supplements. Elsewhere, mushrooms have also found their way into clean beauty savant Miranda Kerr’s vanity shelf—her brand Kora Organics’ first launch of the year was reserved for a cleansing oil that champions silver ear mushroom, touted by many as the all-natural alternative to hyaluronic acid.

Closer home, homegrown label VAHDAM India offers a turmeric and mushroom latte mix that taps into the benefits of both superfoods. Founder and CEO Bala Sarda says, “Mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular as they can be incorporated into food and beverages with ease, such as coffee, protein powders, chocolates, instant lattes, teas and capsules. They offer a vast range of functional benefits including antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and immunity-stimulating properties which can do your mind and body a world of good.”

If you’re looking to go old school, simply toss together your favourite mushroom recipe. Diwaker Balodi, executive chef at Ananda in the Himalayas, says, “Mushrooms are a versatile ingredient and a great food option for vegetarians with multiple health benefits,” he says. However, it is important to note that mushrooms may not work for everyone. “It has cold potency and is recommended to vata dosha in moderation, frequently for pitta dosha and rarely for kapha dosha.”

Could mushrooms be the next CBD in the wellness industry?

Given CBD’s successful crossover from the niche market, experts have cause to believe that mushrooms are poised to follow the same trajectory as well—further fuelled by the onset of the pandemic. Chantal says, “2020 compelled all of us to reconsider the ways in which we’re engaging in intelligent self-care, and this shift brought centuries-old knowledge of medicinal mushrooms to the forefront. Today’s consumer is demanding clean, organic, plant sources without wanting to compromise on potency.” She also believes that race to the finish line will be determined by the finest of details. “With so many supplements on the market, people are drilling down to these finer details to find the best out there. For instance, Vitamin D is often derived from lanolin, but it can also be extracted from mushrooms.”

Source: Mushrooms are set to take over your wellness routines—here’s why | Vogue India