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Wellness Brand Rainbo Introduces New Supplements Made With Chaga and Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Sustainable goods that can help aid digestion and immunity.

Wellness label Rainbo has now introduced two new mushroom-infused items to its lineup of functional and sustainable supplements. This time around, the products are filled with Chaga powder and Turkey Tail.

The former is made using ingredients hand-harvested by First Nation elder Spirit Bear, who is from the Sioux Lakota tribe in South Dakota. The sustainably-sourced product is packed with antioxidants that help with combating inflammation, low blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Meanwhile, the Turkey Tail extract tincture is filled with prebiotics that nourishes the gut, ultimately helping with indigestion and the immune system. Both the Chaga and Turkey Tail are recommended to be taken as regular supplements in your everyday routine.

Take a closer look below. You can head over to Rainbo’s online store to get your hands on the Spirit Bear Chaga and Turkey Tail supplements.

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Source: Rainbo Spirit Bear Chaga & Turkey Tail Extract | HYPEBAE